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Commercial Solar Incentives: We Know the Ins and the Outs

There are numerous rewarding incentives offered to businesses that go solar. Our in-depth knowledge of federal, state and local incentive programs ensure all of our clients receive the maximum financial benefits of solar conversion.

Federal Commercial Solar Incentives

The U.S. government supports the deployment of clean and renewable solar power through the Section 48 Investment Tax Credit, the Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program, and the tax depreciation program, MACRS — Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. • More...

State Commercial Solar Incentives

State-level incentive programs often determine the feasibility of a corporate solar project. At EnterSolar, we closely track commercial solar incentives at the state level, including CT, GA, NY, NJ, MA and PA.

Utility Commercial Solar Incentives

Many electric utilities are now offering incentives to businesses converting to solar, including upfront rebates, attractive long-term SREC purchase agreements (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate), and below-market financing options.

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