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Connecticut Solar Incentives

The Constitution State was an early pioneer in the commercial solar photovoltaic market. Although, after the state's previous solar rebate program ended, the returns for corporate solar conversion dwindled. This resulted in very few businesses converting to solar.

The outlook for commercial clean energy projects improved dramatically in July 2011 with the introduction of Public Act No. 11-80 that, in part, provides for the establishment of the Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit Program (ZREC Program).

What are Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs)?

A ZREC represents the environmental attributes derived from each megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity produced by a zero-emission form of renewable energy:
1 ZREC = 1 MWh = 1,000 kWh of solar production.

To learn more about the Connecticut ZREC program, click here.

ZRECS + C-PACE 100% Financing

ZREC income can also combine with up to 100% financing from the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program, or CPACE, which allows Connecticut property owners to finance clean energy projects, including solar photovoltaic projects, through an additional assessment on their property tax bill.

To learn more about the Connecticut C-PACE program, click here.

Bottom Line for Connecticut Businesses

The ZREC Program lets solar photovoltaic system owners lock-in an attractive and fixed long-term contractual revenue stream from their solar power production, in addition to the savings on their electric bill.

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Connecticut State Solar Incentives
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