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Solar for Business

Corporate Branding: Let Renewable Energy Renew Your Brand

Going solar has proven to be an invaluable image-building tool for companies. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored marketing strategies that effectively target consumer, trade, regulatory, and other key corporate constituencies.

Marketing Support, Launch Events and Publicity

We'll give you the tools to effectively reach your targeted audience through a range of strategies:

  • Media publicity
  • Launch events
  • Corporate website monitoring of live system performance
  • Educational seminars
  • Traditional advertising

Green: The Competitive Advantage

A corporate solar system is a major commitment to environmental stewardship and can create meaningful competitive advantages for businesses.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Solar energy is clean and completely renewable source of electricity. Not only is a "green" corporation doing their part for the planet, they are proactively working to reduce America's dependency on foreign energy. Furthermore, solar systems produce electricity onsite where it is consumed, thereby easing the burden on our aging electric grid.

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