Mission & Values

Our Mission

To facilitate the rapid transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy by making it easy for U.S. enterprises to adopt solar & storage.

Our Values

We are a values-driven company and our core values include the following:

Business ethics, peer & client relationships
Individuality, supportiveness, courtesy
Team players, teach what you know
Commitment to building an inclusive & equitable workplace for all

Internal Committees and Groups

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee at EnterSolar strives to advance our efforts to create an enriching, transparent, and supportive work environment that promotes respect and belonging to all identities at every level of the organization, and extends outwards to our partners and ever growing working community.

EnterSolar Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) Committee makes the day-to-day actions of EnterSolar's employees more sustainable by providing a forum for people to propose and execute internal sustainability initiatives. We foster an environmentally-conscious culture that aligns with the company's broader goal of promoting environmental responsibility through solar energy.

The Women of EnterSolar Group focuses on three main goals: first, to provide a space for women to speak candidly about any issues or biases in the workplace and the industry at large; second, to promote supportive hiring practices, career development, employee retention and upward mobility for women; and third, to encourage cross-team communication, collaboration and camaraderie within EnterSolar.