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EnterSolar Partners on Large-Scale Solar Projects On Long Island

Solar Installations Are Utilizing LIPA’s Feed-In-Tariff and Commercial Rebate Incentives

EnterSolar, LLC, a leading New York-based provider of solar photovoltaic systems to commercial enterprises, today announced that it is close to completing approximately 2 megawatts (MW) of new rooftop solar systems across four separate projects on Long Island.

Two of the projects are participating in LIPA's Clean Solar Initiative, also known as the LIPA "Feed-In-Tariff" (FIT) program, in which the owner of an eligible solar photovoltaic (PV) electric system is paid by LIPA a fixed rate for every solar kilowatt hour generated over a 20-year term.  The other two projects are utilizing LIPA's Solar Entrepreneur Rebate Program which provides system owners with significant upfront rebates based on expected system performance. Both the FIT Program and the Solar Entrepreneur Rebate Program are part of the NY-Sun Initiative, a dynamic public-private partnership that seeks to aggressively promote the deployment of distributed solar energy systems throughout the state.

The solar systems are being installed on the roofs of several Long Island businesses, and in aggregate will include over 7,000 individual solar panels. The solar projects will yield not only significant financial savings for the system owners, but also significant environmental benefits.  The power saved will generate environmental benefits equivalent to removing over 300 cars from the road for one year, or the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power 275 typical homes on Long Island.

"EnterSolar is proud to support the expansion of clean renewable solar energy on Long Island," said Paul Ahern, president of EnterSolar. "This is a prime example of how businesses can take advantage of utility and government benefits to offset energy costs and earn compelling economic investment returns while improving the environment for future generations."

LIPA continues to offer significant benefits to Long Island businesses considering solar power.  Under LIPA's new "Feed-in-Tariff" Solar Program, businesses can sell electricity back to LIPA at highly attractive rates, or alternatively, opt to lease unutilized roof or land areas to allow for a solar installation.  EnterSolar is already working with a variety of enterprises interested in LIPA's new FIT Program (application deadline January 31, 2014).  For more information, please contact EnterSolar.