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Fairgrounds Business Development Center to Commission a 190kW Rooftop Solar System

Building-Wide Open House will Celebrate Sustainable Energy's Role in the Growth of Mushrooms, Brewing of Beer, Yard Construction and the Manufacture of Military Underwear

The Fairgrounds Business Development Center is proud to announce the ribbon cutting for the largest, roof mounted, solar array in South Kingstown.  The official ceremony will be the cornerstone of the building-wide open house on November 4, 2017.  This new 190kw solar installation will generate approximately 80% of the electricity needed to operate the building on an annual basis.

This array marks the beginning of a commitment to sustainability involving individual businesses, the Town of South Kingstown, the State of Rhode Island and National Grid. The project, developed by commercial solar developer, EnterSolar, was funded in part by a grant from RI Commerce Corporation and the support of Bristol County Savings Bank. Imparting significant environmental benefits to the community, the system will prevent the emission of approximately 225,848 pounds per year of CO2, and offset the equivalent annual electricity usage of 22 average homes or saving over 11,600 gallons of gasoline.

"We have, as a company, wanted to incorporate solar power into our energy mix for some time.  EnterSolar offered a turnkey operation with the expertise to coordinate all aspects of the project. We are very excited to be a part of the growing number of businesses contributing to the production of renewable energy. The new solar array will generate a significant amount of the energy needed to run the various businesses in the building and lower our carbon footprint.  We'd like to thank Bristol County Savings Bank and RI Commerce Corporation for supporting our vision," said Andy Curtis, Owner, Fairgrounds Realty Associates.

"As a developer of commercial solar systems most often our work goes to benefit a single type of business; a distributor, a manufacturer, or a provider of services," said Peyton Boswell, Managing Director, EnterSolar. "Working with the Fairgrounds Business Development Center has allowed us to put one solar installation to work in agribusiness, micro-brewing, yard construction, and apparel manufacture, all at the same time. That is particularly gratifying."

"It's very encouraging to see Rhode Island businesses go solar! Fairgrounds Realty sets a great example," said Annie Ratanasim, Renewable Energy Fund Program Manager, RI Commerce Corporation. "The REF rebate programs are here to help a wide range of Rhode Islanders achieve the ability to invest in renewable energy. In doing so, we can reduce energy costs, support the local economy, and reduce our collective carbon footprint."

The open house, which will take place on Saturday from noon until 3pm, will also celebrate the expansion of RI Mushroom Co, renovation of Arnold Lumber'ss Backyard, introduction of Shaidzon Beer Company growth of Kenyon Consumer Products military underwear line. The solar installation ribbon cutting will begin promptly at 1pm.

About Fairgrounds Realty Associates

Fairgrounds Realty Associates is a commercial real estate entity that has housed a number of fledging companies over the years.  The current tenants represent a wide variety of businesses that are all growing within their own markets, allowing for employment in a variety of fields.

About Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation is the official economic development organization for the state of Rhode Island. The Commerce Corporation's mission is to work with public, private and non-profit partners to create the conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive and to improve the quality of life for our citizens by promoting the state's long-term economic health and prosperity. The corporation manages the state's Renewable Energy Fund, which provides grants and loans for renewable energy projects with the potential to make electricity in a cleaner, more sustainable manner, while stimulating job growth in the green technology and energy sectors of Rhode Island's economy. www.commerceri.com