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Connecticut Distributors, Inc Unveils Solar Array On Stratford Headquarters Rooftop

Installation Will Supply Nearly All the Facility's Power Needs

Connecticut Distributors, Inc. (CDI) today announced the completion of a 630kW solar installation on the roof of its Stratford, Conn. headquarters and distribution center.  CDI and the project development partner, EnterSolar, unveiled the system that will generate nearly 90 percent of the Company's annual power consumption and eliminate their dependence on the grid.

CDI associates were joined by State Reps. Laura Hoydick and Joe Gresko, Stratford Mayor John Hawkins and several of CDI's business neighbors at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate this important project for CDI.

The environmental benefits of the system are significant. By going solar, CDI will avoid 742,308 lbs. of CO2 annually, which is equivalent to powering 81 homes, saving 61,875 gallons of gas, or planting 14,251 acres of trees each year.

The new system has 1884 solar panels that are divided across two sections of the 140,000-square foot facility's roof of to maximize solar production.  The project was executed in three-parts and took under six months to complete.

CDI president John Parke sees the project as symbolic of how the company seeks to do business. "We are a sales and logistics organization that is always more successful when we can be more efficient and when we welcome new and innovative ways to get our jobs done. This is what our investment in solar energy has been & more efficient system that was a new way of thinking about our facility's energy needs.‚ He added‚we are proud that this project decreases our impact on the environment and can serve as a symbol to our associates that a new and different approach can be the best one."

"When a company thinks green, anything is possible," said Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar. "CDI is offering their employees the opportunity to work in a facility that draws its power from a renewable source - the sun, they are offering their partners the ability to work with a business with long-term vision and sustainable values, and they are being good corporate citizens and neighbors by nearly eliminating their dependence on the grid."

New York City-headquartered solar developer EnterSolar worked with CDI to create the financing, development and engineering solutions for the installation. CDI utilized the CT ZREC Program which provides solar system owners with a 15-year contractual revenue source which pays them a fixed price for every kilowatt-hour ("kWh") of solar electricity generated, in addition to the savings on their electric bill.  With the incentives and the increasingly low cost of panels and other hardware, CDI has projected that the system will pay for itself within five years.

About Connecticut Distributors, Inc.

Connecticut Distributors Inc. (CDI), founded in 1933, is a leading beverage distributor in Connecticut, serving more than 2,500 on-premise and 1,200 retail accounts across the state, and employing approximately 300 associates.

The vision of Connecticut Distributors Inc. is to be the distributor of choice for our suppliers, customers, associates, industry, and community.