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New York-Based Startup Daroga Power Brings Solar Power to the Masses Through Local Developments and Online Platform

Daroga Power is bringing community solar to New York City residents. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Daroga Power is bringing community solar to New York City residents. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Daroga Power, a preeminent clean energy startup focused on community solar, is bringing solar power to customers for whom it would not ordinarily be feasible. This includes renters, owners whose rooftops cannot support solar, or those who are unable to finance the upfront cost of installing solar panels themselves.

“New York City is an urban mecca of renters who have a desire to lead the clean energy transformation”

Daroga is currently constructing the first two commercial-scale community solar projects in New York City. Located in East New York and totaling 1.2 megawatts of capacity, the projects are scheduled for completion in December. Additionally, Daroga has a pipeline of 20+ more projects planned throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, with a particular focus on bringing access to low and moderate-income areas. Altogether, these projects are slated to bring more than 10 megawatts of solar power to the residents of New York City by the end of 2018 – enough electricity to power more than 2,000 homes.

Community solar systems are installations on private properties that are optimally suited for capturing solar energy. Daroga’s first projects will be built on rooftops of industrial properties within the Con Edison territory, repurposing otherwise unutilized space. By subscribing, residential customers can have a portion or all of their electricity be sourced from community solar, thereby reducing their traditional utility bills.

Daroga also simplifies this subscription process through an easy-to-use online platform, launching in mid-November, which allows customers to view and select from multiple community solar installations. Through this platform, customers have the ability to learn about each installation in detail and shop for the one that best meets their needs and interests. Other solar developers can also post their installations on the Daroga platform to increase visibility to potential subscribers. “One of the biggest issues that community solar programs face is overcoming the lack of awareness and getting customers to participate,” said David Matt, founder of Daroga. “There is no easy place for customers to learn about community solar options, and the process for signing up is too complicated.”

Brooklyn city officials are supportive of Daroga’s pioneering work. According to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, “We must find alternative sources of energy for the future and upgrade our infrastructure to meet the demands of a dynamic and growing borough. Daroga Power’s installation of two solar power projects in East New York promises to present clean, low-cost, and renewable sources of energy. The installation of these and other solar panels in the future pipeline will expand economic opportunities for low-income Brooklynites burdened by excessive energy costs. It will also ensure that residents and businesses in the neighborhood can join the renewables market in an accessible and user-friendly manner.”

Matt, along with co-founder Ory Moussaieff, envision Daroga not only as a solar developer but also as creating a marketplace for solar power, particularly for traditionally hard-to-access areas. “New York City is an urban mecca of renters who have a desire to lead the clean energy transformation,” said Moussaieff. “Daroga provides customers not only with reliable renewable power but also empowers them with more information and control over exactly where their electricity comes from.” In the future, Daroga plans to expand its services to other parts of the state and eventually will offer service nationwide.

EnterSolar is proud to facilitate Daroga’s East New York projects, enabling community solar our own backyard in New York City.

“Daroga is a valued partner, and we support wholeheartedly their mission to bring access to solar to low and moderate-income areas,”  said Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar.  “As a national developer of commercial solar projects, we help businesses leverage the power of solar energy to power their organizations.  Through large scale community solar installation like these, we are delighted to extend our work to benefit consumers and their neighborhoods as well.”