Croda is committed to being a responsible
and ethical organization, and we have a global
goal of obtaining 25% of our energy from
non-fossil sources by the end of 2015.”
— Kevin Gallagher, President, Croda


Croda is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals for the personal care, health care, agricultural and other industrial industries. Croda Inc partnered with EnterSolar to develop a 777 kilowatt (kW) ground solar energy system for their North American headquarters located in New Castle, DE.

“In many ways, this solar power generation project combines our commitment to sustainability with our commitment to innovation,” commented Kevin Gallagher, President of Croda Inc, “Our customers need ingredient suppliers who share their values and their commitment to sustainability and innovation in all its forms.”

Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications and Environmental Benefits

The solar photovoltaic system includes 3,048 individual 305-watt solar modules, a central commercial inverter, an integrated non-penetrating roof mounting system and a data acquisition system that monitors system performance.

The solar system provides over 50% of the power required to run the Croda HQ facility. The environmental benefits of the clean energy are equivalent to saving over 27,500 gallons of gasoline each year.


Croda’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

The Croda solar project in Edison is the latest addition demonstrating Croda’s global commitment to sustainable energy sources. Other sustainable initiatives at Croda include a wind turbine, providing power for Croda’s manufacturing facility in Hull, UK, and a landfill gas-to-energy project at Croda’s New Castle, Delaware manufacturing facility.