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Douglas Distefano

Douglas Distefano has spent 30 years in the technology industry – working for Cisco Systems, GE and BEA (acquired by Oracle) and Real Networks after years at a NY investment bank teaching complicated trading systems to various trading desks within the firm. Having a penchant for new technologies and the ability to distill complex concepts into easily understandable ideas, researched and entered the solar energy industry in 2007. Douglas enjoys bringing innovative solar and financial solutions to clients; easily maps to the client needs and solving problems. With solar energy entering a mature phase as an industry, the cost of the technology dropping, and the constant changes within the regulatory markets across the United States, this is a great time to meet the team at EnterSolar with Douglas as your guide.

Douglas has a BA in Business & Psychology from the University of Hartford, where he learned the flute at the Hartt School of Music, has two college student children, surfs and trail runs when possible.