Going solar at our U.S. facility was the
natural next step in NEOPERL’s commitment
to the environment and our Waterbury
community. Whether creating mechanisms
for saving water globally or powering our own
facilities with the sun, NEOPERL is
committed to sustainability at every level.”
— Fred Fraisse, Managing Director, NEOPERL
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NEOPERL Goes Solar

Founded in 1959, NEOPERL is a German-Swiss company that supplies water flow control products to the plumbing industry. They manufacture aerators, check valves, flow regulators, flexible supply hoses, shower hoses and kitchen hoses among other appliances for potable water flow regulation. NEOPERL partnered with EnterSolar to install a 450 kW solar system on the roof of their U.S. headquarters.

Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications & Environmental Benefits

NEOPERL’s solar photovoltaic system is made up of 1,575 individual panels atop their facility in Waterbury, CT. The system produces 498,000 kWh annually, generating enough power to offset 62% of their total on-site annual electricity consumption.

The system produces clean energy with the environmental benefits equivalent to saving over 24,200 gallons of gasoline each year. The system enables NEOPERL to avoid 472,356 lbs of CO2 per year, greatly reducing their carbon footprint.

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Significant Financial Returns through Solar

Located in Connecticut, NEOPERL utilized the Zero-Emission Renewable Energy Credit (“ZREC”) solar incentive program. The ZREC program provides solar project owners an attractive fixed price for all the environmental attributes produced during the project’s initial 15 years. EnterSolar’s expertise in optimizing system design and solar project financing made going solar a sound capital investment for NEOPERL.