Ricoh Solar Array at New Jersey Office Expected to Save $2M in 10 Years

Ricoh USA, a multinational imaging and electronics company, went live on April 24 with a solar array that will power its West Caldwell, New Jersey, office operations – and is expected to generate $1.9 million in energy savings over the next ten years.

The solar project began in March 2014, through collaborative work with EnterSolar, a New York City-based commercial installer. Now that the switch has been thrown, the solar platform is expected to generate more than 790,000 kWh annually, providing more than 50 percent of the facility’s electrical needs. The array itself is roughly 1.3 times the size of a football field.

“Concern for the environment is in Ricoh’s DNA. It’s core to our corporate identity,” said Donna Venable, deputy general manager, Shared Services, Ricoh Americas. “Since Ricoh established its Environmental Promotion Group more than 40 years ago, we have worked hard to foster sustainability from the top down and the bottom up. It’s what drove us to undertake this solar array project, it’s what drives our emissions reductions as a global company, and it’s what drives our individual employees to do their part in fostering sustainability through corporate and external programs.”

In fact, the West Caldwell facility, itself, has been awarded ENERGY STAR certification for three years running, and its on-site Biodiversity-Pollinator Garden achieved Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

To learn more about the West Caldwell solar array, open this video.

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