With advanced technology and professional R&D, EnterSolar has designed a large number of robust and reliable solar products to power your load. As a solar manufacturer in China, we have certified products and is an optimal bridge for using solar energy and making a profit from solar systems.

Portable solar panel

Portable Solar Panel

Portable solar panels can be charged using solar energy and do not require the use of power. They can save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
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Mono solar panel

Mono Solar Panel

Mono solar panels are known for the superior energy conversion rates, popular for residential applications, becoming popular choice in the solar energy industry.
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Hybrid solar inverter

Hybird Inverter

Hybrid inverter is a device used in renewable energy systems, particularly in solar power setups. It combines the functions of a traditional solar inverter and a battery inverter.
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Micro inverter

Micro Inverter

A solar micro inverter is a device that converts DC from a single solar module to AC. Micro inverters can achieve MPPT at the component level, and light in weight.
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EnterSolar, A Reliable Chinese Solar Supplier

EnterSolar is a solar manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in Chinese renewable energy industry. We are committed to providing our customers with new technologies, high quality and first class service experience.

We provide professional consultancy and design services for a range of clients including domestic, commercial and community projects. EnterSolar also offers in-depth subject matter expertise to property owners want to buy off-grid, grid-tied inverter products and battery/back up solar electric solutions.

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EnterSolar architecture

From Design to Production

Flexible design

Flexible Design

Design a tailored solar system using efficient panels, inverters, and battery storage if required. We can deliver a comprehensive PV solution that combines sustainability, cost savings, and reliable power generation for your specific requirements.
Bridge production

Bridge Production

Minimize the disparity between the design of a part and the eventual launch of the product. Our skilled engineering team to offer valuable design recommendations for your production parts, ensuring practical solutions for your needs, and get quality solar product.
On demand production

On-Demand Production

Comprehensive on-demand production service that guarantees superior precision and quality in all our products. Our advanced production process ensures efficient production rates, enabling us to provide just-in-time delivery for your production parts.

Solar Energy System Influence

A power generation system that converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy through solar panels is called a solar photovoltaic power generation system, in which solar panels and solar inverters are important components of the solar power generation system. A solar panel is a device that absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation energy directly or indirectly into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect. During the conversion process, the solar inverter plays the role of regulating power and can convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into AC power used by home appliances, making it convenient for people to use. Solar energy resources are distributed all over the world and can be exploited dispersedly and regionally.
Solar energy system

Fields of Use

Solar power offers a renewable source of energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change. Its application encompasses a wide range of uses in various fields in China. Working with a wide range of industries, EnterSolar is committed to delivering the right PV solution for you!


Car Industry

Solar Water Pump


Solar Lamp


Solar Powered Desalination

As an endless energy source, solar energy can provide a continuous energy supply for seawater desalination. An efficient desalination process can be achieved by converting solar energy into electrical energy and thermal energy through solar photovoltaic systems and solar thermal energy systems. Compared with traditional seawater desalination technology, this technology reduces dependence on fossil fuels, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, has less impact on the environment, and is in line with the concepts and requirements of sustainable development. Whether in coastal countries or desert areas, desalination using solar energy is becoming more feasible.

Solar powered car

Solar Powered Car

A solar car is a car that is driven by solar energy. Compared with cars driven by traditional heat engines, solar cars are truly zero-emission. Because of their environmentally friendly characteristics, solar cars are promoted by many countries, and the development of the solar car industry is also booming. So far, the application technology of solar energy in automobiles mainly includes driving force and energy for automobile auxiliary equipment. Solar cells are used to charge solar cars. Solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy is stored in the battery and used to drive the car's motor.

Weather detection

Weather Detection

Solar energy can be used for weather detection. The solar weather monitoring station is an unattended meteorological collection system that integrates meteorological data collection, storage, transmission, and management. Used to measure basic meteorological elements such as temperature, relative humidity, illumination, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, etc. Meteorological environment monitoring is an important part of the development of modern science and technology. It can provide accurate meteorological data and environmental monitoring information.

Solar communication

Solar Communication Supply

A small solar communication power supply is equivalent to a small power station. It uses ultraviolet rays in sunlight as energy. It converts solar energy into DC power at any time to supply communication equipment and stores excess energy in batteries to supply equipment. It is used at night and on continuous rainy days and is mostly used in remote areas lacking power. The use of intelligent control modules with photoelectric complementary functions allows the equipment to not only use light energy but also use alternating current at the same time. This greatly reduces the overall cost of the solar power supply system.

Solar lamp

Solar Lamp

Home solar lamps are lighting devices that use solar energy to charge and emit light. It usually consists of solar panels, batteries, and LED lights. During the day, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries. At night or when the weather is cloudy or rainy, the electricity stored in the battery will drive the LED light to emit light for lighting purposes. Home solar lamps are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, easy to install, and low-maintenance lighting equipment. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for various outdoor and indoor places.