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Helping corporations advance towards clean energy since 2005
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Since 2005, EnterSolar has been a trusted source for corporations looking to advance in renewable energy.

We’ve built trust among our clients and have shown commercial enterprises that solar is not only good for the environment, but also good for business.

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“EnterSolar was a great partner, from sourcing the newest financial incentive opportunities to the most cutting edge technologies for the project.”
John Henkel, COO/CFO
Zwilling J.A. Henckels
"We were looking for options to bring energy conservation not only into the design of our products, but also into the operation of our building. Installing solar is a key element of that. Working with EnterSolar was a big victory for us and for the environment … overall in relationship with vendors and customers, being on the path of sustainability is a very good thing. I’m really glad we were able to take that step with EnterSolar."
Fred Fraisse, Managing Director
Neoperl, Inc.
“EnterSolar was turnkey, from expediting the process, working with PSEG, getting the permitting to completing the actual install. I came around occasionally to look — it was so hands off. I couldn’t have asked for better engagement.”
Sean Rose, CEO
Clare Rose
"The EnterSolar team handled every aspect of our project seamlessly and expertly, I would absolutely recommend them to any corporation considering going solar."
Robert Paradise, CFO
Chelten House Products, Inc.
"EnterSolar made the transition to solar an easy one … and their financial expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local and federal incentives set them apart from other developers we met with … I would give EnterSolar my highest recommendation."
David Heller, President and COO
Allan S. Goodman Inc.
"EnterSolar made an excellent partner throughout our project; they were extremely knowledgeable and proactive. We thoroughly enjoyed working with their team."
Vito Porcelli, Corporate Property Manager
DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.
"Our clients rely on us for quality and timeliness. EnterSolar was able to design and implement our solar system without any interruption to business processes. From counsel on financial incentives to installation, they were a valued partner all along the way."
John Sommers, President & CEO
Allied Printing Services, Inc.
“EnterSolar was a tremendous partner from the beginning of a very complicated project to the end. They were there every step of the way, from assessment to financing to installation and now monitoring. They have been a valuable resource for us in accomplishing both our environmental and financial goals.”
Andrew DeFrancesco, CFO
Harold Levinson Associates