Hybrid inverter

Hybrid Inverters

EnterSolar factory supplies hybrid inverter, which has the functional advantages of both grid-connected and off-grid, and can convert DC power into AC power to realize the form conversion of electrical energy. Excellent design makes it widely used in commercial and industrial applications, home and small commercial applications, electric vehicles and charging facilities, microgrids and other fields.
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A hybrid solar inverter is a device that combines a solar inverter and an energy storage inverter, which can intelligently manage the connection of solar photovoltaic panels, solar cells and the public grid. EnterSolar can design and produce hybrid solar inverters from 3kW to 10 kW, with a battery output AC frequency range of 50 Hz / 60 Hz. If you are looking for efficient and high quality hybrid solar inverters, our team has a solution for you.


Rated Power 3kW~10kW
Interace Communication Port RS-232/USB
Environment Humidity 0 ~ 90% RH (No condensing)
AC Input AC Start-up Voltage AC 120V-140V
Nominal Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Battery Mode Output (AC) Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Output Power 3000VA/3000W~10000VA/10000W
Grid Output (AC) Output Voltage Range AC 184V-265V
Output Frequency Range 47.5-51.5Hz~59.3-60.5Hz
Nominal Output Current 13A~14.5A
PV Input (DC) Maximum DC Power 4500W~14850W
Nominal DC Voltage DC 360V~720V
Maximum DC Voltage DC 500V~900V
Isc PV 18A~25A
Inverter Customization

EnterSolar offers a range of hybrid inverters with power ratings up to 10kW. If you have special requirements that need to be customized, our professional technical team will create a solution for you to achieve your goals. Provide us with detailed customization elements before customizing the hybrid solar inverter. The following are the considerations for customization:
  • Maximum DC voltage and starting voltage/initial supply voltage of photovoltaic input (DC)
  • Nominal output current of grid output (AC)
  • Nominal output voltage, output power for battery mode output (AC)
  • Also battery mode output efficiency (DC to AC)/the size of the product
Hybrid inverters
Hybrid Inverter Solution

For areas with energy shortages but long sunshine hours, converting solar energy into electrical energy for storage is an excellent method. A hybrid inverter is an upgrade based on a solar inverter, combining an off-grid inverter and a grid-tied inverter. EnterSolar in China manufactures hybrid inverters that can be easily integrated into applying in a variety of environments, including residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The EnterSolar has a range of solutions for this. Install solar panels on your roof to capture electricity and store it in batteries for future use. By using a hybrid solar inverter, the converted electricity can be properly stored and households can reduce their dependence on the grid. Hybrid solar inverters can power irrigation systems and other agricultural equipment. It can also be used to power industrial machinery, helping to reduce reliance on grid power and electricity costs.

Residential agriculture solutions of inverter
High Quality Guarantee

The quality of hybrid inverters is guaranteed because EnterSolar has long experience in the manufacturing and design of inverters, as well as supplying customers with efficient inverter products and services. The hybrid solar inverter uses RS-232/USB and CAN port communications and can be programmed for both on-grid and off-grid operating modes. It can be used in many household appliances. Excellent quality, smooth operation and trustworthy.
Inverter apply in household appliances

Installation of Hybrid Inverter

Step 1:

Choose a protected area that is dry, free of excessive dust, and well ventilated as the installation location.

Step 2:

Mount on a solid surface and mount the inverter at eye level so that the LCD display is always clearly readable. The inverter should be installed where it is easy to cut off the power supply. To allow air circulation and heat dissipation, please leave a gap of about 10 cm. Approximately 20 cm from the sides of the device and approximately 50 cm above and below the device.

Step 3:

In order for this inverter to work properly, please use appropriate grid-tied cables. The pollution level of the inverter is PD2. Install the solar inverter in a protected area that is dry, free from excessive dust, and well ventilated.
Hybrid inverter installation

Customer says

EnterSolar is a great inverter manufacturer, and we are deeply impressed by its innovative and professional atmosphere. The inverter is sturdy, efficient and offers great value for money. We are very happy with the hybrid inverters product and service this time. look forward for next deal.

- - - by Liz Ardith - - -

Hybrid Solar Inverter FAQ

Can you go off-grid with a hybrid inverter?

Hybrid inverters can be used both off-grid and on-grid, so batteries can be configured flexibly. The meaning of hybrid inverter includes an off-grid inverter with a built-in solar charge controller, and the other is an inverter that is integrated with and off-grid.

Off-grid inverter means there is a PWM or MPPT solar controller inside the solar inverter, the user can connect the photovoltaic input in the solar inverter and check the photovoltaic status on the solar inverter display, which facilitates system connection and inspection. The integrated off-grid inverter means that the solar inverter can be used for both off-grid and grid-connected types.

Can you run a hybrid inverter without a battery?

The hybrid inverter can be used without a battery. Photovoltaic grid-connected systems do not require batteries during operation. Photovoltaic off-grid systems generally require batteries. The photovoltaic system automatically turns on and works in photovoltaic state or mains power state.

When should you use a hybrid inverter?

Hybrid inverters can also control battery systems. If you want a home solar system with energy storage, you must use a hybrid inverter. When net metering is not available or feed-in tariffs are very low, it makes sense to combine solar panels with batteries. In this case, you need a hybrid inverter to manage the energy flow from both the solar panels and the battery.

Can a hybrid inverter be left on all the time?

If you turn off the hybrid inverter, all settings on the device will be lost. There are many reasons to leave a hybrid inverter on. The following applies to homes, RVs, vans, and other RVs. Inverters are mainly used to convert DC into alternating current and run electrical appliances. You can power devices directly from solar with DC, but not AC. If AC power is not used, turn off the frequency converter.

Why get a hybrid inverter?

In summary, hybrid inverters can effectively overcome the limitations of existing solar inverters that can only be connected to the grid to generate electricity, and off-grid inverters that limit load power consumption when the sunlight is weak. It can effectively improve the equipment's utilization efficiency of solar energy, and is especially suitable for occasions where the power grid is unstable or the power supply cost of the grid is high.

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