Fuel Pipeline Installs Solar in New Jersey at Two Locations

Colonial Pipeline Company Goes Solar

Colonial Pipeline was founded in 1961 as the Suwannee Pipeline Company. Its purpose was to create a pipeline from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast. Today, the Colonial Pipeline is the largest rened products pipeline in the United States, spanning from Texas to New York.

Colonial Pipeline consistently aims to make its systems and processes more sustainable. One of these initiatives is the Colonial Cares program. In this program, Colonial provides 1,400 hours of volunteer work to river cleanups, tree plantings and park restorations. To ensure it is operating as environmentally-friendly as possible, Colonial Pipeline partnered with EnterSolar on two projects in New Jersey. The New Jersey projects are located at Colonial’s facilities in Allentown and Woodbury and are 2,462 kW and 4,939 kW in size, respectively.


Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications

Colonial Pipeline’s systems are made up of 18,504 individual solar modules and will produce an estimated 8,791,740 kWh of electricity annually. The environmental benefits of these systems are equivalent to taking 826 cars off the road a year or growing 101,338 trees for 10 years. Colonial’s systems will system will result in the avoidance of 8,573,142 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Significant Financial Returns

Through the New Jersey SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) Program, Colonial Pipeline receives credits for every MWh of solar energy generated by the system. They can then sell those credits to the market for revenue. EnterSolar’s expertise in optimizing system design and solar project financing made going solar a sound capital investment for Colonial Pipeline.