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Eder Bros to Draw Solar Energy From West Haven Headquarters

Eder Bros., Inc. today announced the completion of a 325-kilowatt (kW) solar energy system atop its West Haven, CT facility.  Eder Bros is partnering on this major solar project with EnterSolar, a leading New York-based provider of solar systems to commercial enterprises. The project will also draw significant financial benefit from the Connecticut Public Utility Regulatory Authority's (PURA) Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) program.

Eder Bros., Inc. marked the completion of the project's installation with a ribbon cutting celebration this morning. Tracy Babbidge, Bureau Chief of Energy, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental protection, and West Haven Mayor Edward M. O'Brien joined Cutter Smith, Senior Vice President, Eder Bros., Inc. and Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar to commemorate the solar program. Each also spoke to the initiative. This solar initiative is part of an ongoing commitment by Eder Bros., Inc. and the wine and spirits distributors of Connecticut to have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Eder Bros., Inc. has installed 1,302 250-watt Hanwha modules on its roof that will draw more than 64% of the facility's annual energy consumption. In addition to providing the organization with power savings, Eder Bros., Inc. will benefit further from United Illuminating's distribution of ZRECs where it will obtain a 15-year revenue stream from the sale of renewable energy credits to the utility.

The system will yield not only significant financial savings for Eder Bros., Inc. but significant environmental benefits as well. The power saved will yield environmental benefits equivalent to removing 53 cars from the road for one year, or planting 59 trees.

"As a family-owned company more than three-quarters of a century old, Eder Bros., Inc. takes its responsibility to the community very seriously," said Cutter Smith, SVP, Eder Bros., Inc. "We are delighted to be working with EnterSolar to utilize Connecticut's sunshine to not only power our own facilities but benefit the greater good of the community by using non-pollutant power."

"EnterSolar is proud to support Eder Bros. in their vision to leverage their own footprint to harness solar energy," said Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar. "By drawing a significant amount of power from Solar, and benefitting from the sale of renewable energy credits, Eder Bros., Inc. is winning both financially and in its responsibility to the community."

About Eder Bros., Inc.

Now in its third generation of ownership and management with the Eder Family, Eder Bros., Inc. is recognized as a leading wine and spirits distributor in Connecticut. Eder Bros., Inc.‚ approach, to sell high quality products backed by superior customer service‚ has been maintained since its inception in 1933.  The company remains committed to highly trained sales consultants, state of the art technology, effective warehouse and delivery, and a strong internal office support system. Eder Bros., Inc. employs more than 100 individuals, some of whom are second and even third generation personnel for the company and operates out of a 140,000 sq ft. warehouse in West Haven, CT.