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Neoperl Completes Solar Installation at US Plant in Waterbury, CT

450kW Rooftop Solar Installation Will Generate Two-Thirds of the Manufacturer's Power

NEOPERL and EnterSolar, a leading New York-based provider of solar solutions to commercial enterprises today announced the completion of a 450-kilowatt rooftop solar system at their Waterbury US headquarters. The system will significantly reduce NEOPERL's dependence on the grid by generating power equivalent to nearly two-thirds (62%) of the total annual power needs of the Waterbury facility.

As a company that provides water saving products, sustainability is core to NEOPERL's mission. Their motto which reminds "Everybody, everyday, in every little way" is exemplary of their focus on maintaining the earth's resources. This solar installation is the latest in a series of NEOPERL's global commitment to harness solar energy. The Company already uses solar in its plants to generate 454kW in Germany and 100kW in the UK.

Going solar provides significant environmental benefits to NEOPERL, its Waterbury and greater Connecticut area neighbors by reducing the release of CO2 emissions by approximately 473,566 pounds annually and by generating enough to power over 52 typical homes for a year or the equivalent of saving over 39,474 gallons of gas per year.

Recent additional energy saving initiatives in the plant included the installation of high efficiency lighting with presence detection and a new 75 HP variable speed air compressor (compressed air production is the largest user of electrical energy in the plant). An ongoing renovation of the 10,000-square foot office will bring further energy savings thanks to the addition of new skylights (natural light), low thermal emissivity ("low e") windows and a 21-ton high output HVAC system with a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 14.5 to 15.

EnterSolar worked with NEOPERL to create the financing, development and engineering solutions for the installation. NEOPERL utilized the CT ZREC Program (Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits) which provides solar system owners with a 15-year contractual revenue source which pays them a fixed price for every kilowatt-hour ("kWh") of solar electricity generated, in addition to the savings on their electric bill.

"Going solar at our US facility was the natural next step in NEOPERL's commitment to the environment and our Waterbury community." said Fred Fraisse, Managing Director of NEOPERL, Inc.. "Whether creating mechanisms for saving water globally, or powering our own facilities with the sun, NEOPERL is committed to sustainability at every level."

"As a provider of solar development to commercial enterprises, each development we complete is for a business committed to sustainability," added Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar. "NEOPERL sets the bar high not only it its commitment to its facilities worldwide, but in the products it places in homes worldwide. We're privileged to work with such a like-minded company."


The NEOPERL Group is headquartered in Milheim, Germany and Reinach-Basel, Switzerland. NEOPERL offers innovative product solutions that shape the water stream, regulate the flow and protect drinking water. NEOPERL serves manufacturers (OEMs) in multiple industries including plumbing, heating, water treatment and appliances.

NEOPERL, Inc. (Waterbury, CT) is one of the largest manufacturing sites within the NEOPERL Group. From this 60,000-square foot location NEOPERL serves OEM customers in North America, Central America and Colombia as well as distributors (Wholesale, MRO and water conservation) and DIY Retailers. Equipped with modern high-speed assembly equipment, NEOPERL, Inc. employs 70 people including 50 on the production floor.