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Arlington Plaza Anchor Supermarket Tenant to Utilize Solar Power

EnterSolar Completes Rooftop Solar Installation on Super Foodtown Store

EnterSolar, a leading New York-based provider of solar solutions to commercial enterprises, today announced the completion of a 217.7kW rooftop solar system making solar credits available to a Jack's Super Foodtown location in North Arlington, NJ.  The project, the result of a partnership between the landlord and the grocery retailer, will generate credits equal to 16% of the supermarket‚Äôs annual power usage.

EnterSolar worked with the owners of the shopping center and the supermarket to create the financing, development and engineering solutions for the solar installation which included the use of the NJ SREC program.  The SREC registration program allows solar projects in New Jersey to generate Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) which can be traded as commodities to meet state's Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements.

The environmental benefits of the system include the equivalent of saving nearly 19,500 gallons of gasoline and the carbon sequestered by nearly 164 acres of trees every year.

"We continue to see landlords, and property owners alike coming back to us for additional projects," said Peyton Boswell, Managing Director, EnterSolar. "It is especially gratifying to work with a client who has already recognized the benefits and efficiency of solar and wants to expand that value across their portfolio."

This project is EnterSolar's second with this property owner and the first with the retail tenant underscoring the compelling use of solar energy.