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EnterSolar and Enel-X Receive Massachusetts "ACES" Grant

Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES) Program Serves to Advance Energy Storage in Massachusetts

EnterSolar today announced the receipt of an energy storage grant from the State of Massachusetts for a solar & storage system to be installed at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus.  The winning bid was submitted as a partnership between EnterSolar and Enel-X titled “Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage”.  The grant award is part of a larger $20MM program which reflects the state’s ambitious leadership position in the growing storage market.  

Through this program, the state intends to demonstrate various storage applications with an eye towards replicating them on a larger scale.  To that end, the projects show what’s often called the “Swiss army knife” nature of energy storage — its ability to solve a range of electricity problems.

The winners will use energy storage for backup power, resiliency, demand management, greenhouse gas reduction, non-wires alternatives, grid congestion relief, demand charge reduction, revenue enhancement, renewable energy integration and other purposes.

Judith Judson, commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), said that projects will “provide a roadmap for how Massachusetts can integrate storage into our diversified energy portfolio to lower overall energy costs, increase grid efficiency by decreasing peak demand, and more effectively utilize our strong clean energy sector.”

In all, the winning projects represent 32 MW/85 MWh of energy storage, of which 16 MW/45 MWh are within utility territories. There is already about 4 MW/7 MWh of advanced energy storage installed in Massachusetts.

Enel-X will install batteries at the University of Massachusetts Boston to improve grid resiliency and reduce greenhouse gases. Working with EnterSolar, the firms will create a living laboratory on the campus used for educational purposes. 

“We are proud not only to be a grant recipient but to further our work in the education sector and to work with Enel-X on a leading edge solar plus storage project,” said Paul Ahern, president, EnterSolar.