We considered solar for several years and found a partner we could trust in EnterSolar...
— Cutter Smith, Senior VP, Eder Bros., Inc.
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Eder Bros. Goes Solar

Founded in 1933, Eder Bros., Inc. (Eder) is a family-owned wine and spirits distributor in Connecticut. They partnered with EnterSolar to install a 325 kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar system on their corporate headquarters facility in West Haven, CT.

“The reason we did this is two-fold. One, with the rising price of electricity, it’s a good long-term business investment. Two, it’s environmentally-friendly,” said Cutter Smith, Senior VP of Eder Bros.

Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications & Environmental Benefits

The Eder solar installation, with a total capacity of 325 kW DC, includes over 1,300 individual 250 watt modules, a central commercial inverter, a ballasted non-penetrating racking solution and a string-level data monitoring system with an integrated commercial weather station.

The system is expected to produce over 380,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, providing well over half of the facility’s current annual consumption. The environmental benefits of generating clean power are equivalent to removing 53 cars from the road for one year or planting 59 trees.

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Significant Financial Returns through Solar

The Eder solar project utilized the Connecticut ZREC program, where the electric utility provides system owners with an attractive fixed price for all the solar environmental attributes produced during the project’s initial 15 years. EnterSolar’s expertise in optimizing system design and solar project financing made going solar a sound capital investment for Eder Bros.