MaxSolar is a provider of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Technical and Asset Management Services for commercial solar photovoltaic systems. An affiliate of EnterSolar, a leading commercial solar developer, the MaxSolar team is comprised of dedicated service technicians, licensed electricians, engineers, and financial analysts.

MaxSolar is dedicated to minimizing system downtime while ensuring maximum production and revenue capability. MaxSolar guarantees the suite of services, including real-time monitoring of your system's energy production, regularly scheduled onsite physical inspections, and system production reports, together, help maintain your solar project's effective ROI.

Whether we are supporting systems built by other developers or EnterSolar clients, MaxSolar focuses on maximizing the long-term ROI of any solar development project achieving this through superior technical skills, comprehensive system performance analysis, and asset management offerings. We proudly offer an unparalleled level of service, with programs customized for each of our client’s systems.