Faced with an extremely tight year-end deadline, EnterSolar delivered on time and on budget with no surprises. I can’t say enough good things about how well their entire team performed and the level of quality we received.
— Alan Fankhanel, CEO & President, MDI

Mercantile Development, Inc. Goes Solar

Mercantile Development Inc. (MDI) provides wiping products to the industrial, automotive and food service markets among others. With the installation of a large-scale solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its corporate headquarters in Connecticut, MDI has taken a major step toward advancing its commitment to corporate sustainability.

“Going forward, we expect that the majority of our annual electricity needs will now be provided by the clean energy produced from our rooftop solar system,” commented Alan Fankhanel, President & CEO of MDI.

Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications & Environmental Benefits

MDI’s rooftop solar photovoltaic power plant features over 1,300 individual solar modules mounted on a fully ballasted racking system, as well as a central inverter, which is linked to a series of smart combiner boxes that provide granular real-time production data to the system’s web-based data acquisition system.

The PV system is expected to produce over 400,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is roughly equivalent to the energy needed to power 50 residential homes or conserve over 32,000 gallons of gasoline each year.


Significant Financial Returns through Solar

The MDI project was one of the first solar projects in Connecticut to utilize the innovative ZREC program, where the electric utility provides system owners with an attractive fixed price for all the solar environmental attributes produced during the project’s initial 15 years. “The ZREC program, in conjunction with the available federal energy incentives, made going solar a sound corporate capital investment,” said Ken Keefe, MDI’s Corporate Controller.