Micro Inverter, 300 Watt~2800 Watt

The high-precision micro inverter uses WIFI connection and has a waterproof rating of IP65. You can connect to the mobile APP to select system functions, which is smart and convenient.

Micro inverters are dedicated to a single solar panel. It uses built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) circuitry, which optimizes the performance of each solar panel by allowing all panels to extract the maximum available power at the time under different lighting conditions. Micro inverters all operate at safe voltages and the output can be connected to the grid. We provide micro solar inverters from 300 watt to 2800w, and have customized inverter services. According to the different requirements and purposes of customers, we can provide different inverter customized solutions.


PV open circuit voltage 30-60V
Operating voltage range 22-60V DC
Starting voltage range 22-60V DC
Temperature range -40℃ to +65℃
Waterproof grade IP65
Heat dissipation mode Self-cooling
Communication mode WiFi
Power transmission mode Reverse transmission,Load priority
Power factor >95%
Static MPPT efficiency 99.5%
Total current harmonics <5%
Micro inverter customized

Micro Inverter Customization

ATO provides a micro-inverter series with a maximum input power of 3000W and a rated output power of 2800W, both with WIFI connection function. If you have specific application requirements, our professional team will design corresponding solutions to meet your inverter customized requirements. Micro inverter customization services can meet:
  1. Micro inverter operating temperature range
  2. Short circuit current
  3. Maximum working current
  4. Output peak power
  5. Rated output power
  6. If you need custom cable lengths or other plug sizes (specifications), please contact us.


In the field of inverters, we are committed to developing innovation and pursuing high quality and excellence. ATO's micro inverters have versatile functions and are easy to use to meet the different needs of customers. With built-in MPPT tracking function, the accuracy of the micro-inverter exceeds 99.9%, making it easier to better track changes in solar luminosity and control different output powers, improving the efficiency of capturing and collecting sunlight. The power output by the inverter can be used by the load first, and the additional power is transmitted to the grid.
The power generated by the inverter is efficiently utilized, and the power transmission rate is as high as 99%. Installed with high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for intelligent monitoring and management. The current input/output is completely isolated to protect the safety of electricity. Adopting a digital control system, the connection method with the smart mobile APP can detect circuit conditions in real time and facilitate user maintenance.

How to connect an micro inverter to a battery?

It is very common to use a solar inverter + battery to provide emergency home backup power. During a power outage, an off-grid inverter can convert DC power from the battery into AC power for home appliances.
There are two ways of connecting the inverter batteries: series connection and parallel connection. By connecting two 12-volt batteries in series, the total battery voltage will be the sum of the voltages of the two batteries, which is 24 volts.
When two 12-volt batteries are connected in parallel, the total battery voltage is the same as a single battery, which is 12 volts. Two batteries in parallel will produce twice the amps/hour of a single cell; four cells will produce four times the amps/hour, and so on. This will extend the time it takes to charge the battery, so you have longer to run the device.
Note: When connecting the inverter to the battery, do not reverse the positive and negative poles.