Water Bottle Manufacturer Installs Solar in Southern California

Niagara was first opened in 1963 as a company that sold ve-gallon containers of water for home and office delivery. In the early 1990s, the company began offering individual bottles of water. Since introducing bottles, Niagara has become one of the leading bottled water suppliers in the United States.

Niagara has a history of being an industry leader in terms of sustainability. The water supplier introduced an Eco-Air Package and an Eco-Air Bottle. Both the package and bottle have been designed to use a minimal amount of plastic. In addition, the company does not use cardboard when shipping cases of water to reduce its carbon footprint. To further advance its sustainability efforts, Niagara partnered with EnterSolar to build a 1,211 kW solar system at Niagara’s facility in Stockton, California. The system in Stockton is the first of many solar installations that Niagara has planned.

Solar Photovoltaic System Specifications

Niagara’s system is made up of 3,429 individual solar modules and will produce an estimated 1,777,734 kWh of electricity annually. The environmental benefits of this system are equivalent to powering 175 homes or avoiding more than 1,676,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.


Significant Financial Returns through Solar

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Niagara was able to install solar without paying anything upfront. The clean energy produced by the system will result in major savings on the facility’s electric bill and a reduction in Niagara’s reliance on the grid.

EnterSolar’s expertise in optimizing system design and solar project financing made going solar a sound capital investment for Niagara.